Kojo Sarpong

Mr Sarpong is the former director of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (Sekyere Kumawu District). He started his early works and collaborations with CTED in 2013 when he met Professor Yaw Nyarko in Kumawu. After his retirement in 2017*, he has been working with CTED as a Deployment Consultant in all our field projects, and has contributed largely to the success we have attained in that field. His close relations with the farmers and traders within the area has also helped CTED immensely to integrate seamlessly with the farming community.



Grace Okyere

Grace Okyere is a yam farmer in the Sekyere Kumawu District. She is one of the most popular and recognized female farmers in the area. She is part of a core group of farmers that have been working closely with CTED during the testing and deployment of our various apps. Her enormous feedback and great contributions has helped our team develop apps tailor based to the farmer’s needs.



Yaw Brogya

Yaw Brogya lived in New York for most of his life. He was a banker at the Bank of New York, and came back to Ghana after his retirement to start farming. He is now the owner of a large pineapple farm and a pig farm. He has won awards as best farmer in his category. He works closely with CTED in organizing educational farm tours for our students, interns and guests. His bubbly character and vast knowledge on farming always makes his farm tour very interesting and impactful.



Emmanuel Nyamekye

Emmanuel Nyamekye entered farming after his retirement. He has won many awards including the best cocoa farmer in the Sekyere Kumawu District. He owns a cocoa, plantain and cassava farm. He has been an integral member of CTED’s core group of farmers. Most of our app testing and feedback have him at the forefront. His lively and outspoken character always makes him a joy to be around during trainings. His contributions have helped us build better apps, and make the necessary iterations to our apps to suit the farmers.